Public Relations

As professionals, we enjoy problem-solving, providing clarity and being a sounding board for organisations looking to change minds, disrupt the norm or forge a new path entirely.

We’re also here for charities needing a fresh approach, to shift attitudes or behaviours, or challenge their sector to be better. We use:

Insight And Research

We believe in insight. Without understanding your audiences, their environment, and the wider marketplace, you risk working from assumption and missing the mark. Our dedicated Insight team draws on everything from ethnographic to digital research, advising on the best methodology to create independent analysis. Combining trends, qualitative and quantitative data, we find the kernel that shapes the strategy and tactics.


Before coming up with any ideas we develop the strategy. It means we make better decisions, and that what we present is in tune with your business needs. We observe, reflect and challenge, and go deeper to find solutions to problems. Whether you’re looking for a fresh approach to digital, a deeper purpose, to be seen as a pioneer in your sector, or you don’t exactly know what you need, we help you find clarity and opportunity.

Brand Positioning

We work alongside you, to interrogate, redefine and create that central narrative and messaging. Whether it’s your mission, vision and values, your purpose, your brand proposition, or your case for support, our team is skilled at honing language and messaging, guided by insight and supported with proof.


We deliver high impact campaigns that achieve real change. We start with creative ideas that work across multiple channels, and get people thinking and talking. From awareness raising to brand activism, we bring ideas to life through creative content. With unrivalled media knowledge, digital nous, killer ideas, and our campaigns get cut through.

Stakeholder And Partner Engagement

Whether you’re highlighting an issue, influencing change or generating funds, we create the right environment for your ask to land. Following an agreed strategy, we form valuable partnerships that will help guide and shape public opinion and engage with the hardest to reach audiences. We’re quick to understand complex contexts and regulations, to build a clear plan for nuanced stakeholder engagement.

Crisis Management & Media Training

We have a history of understanding complex and sensitive situations. Our experience means we quickly instil confidence in our counsel and training. When it comes to crisis, being prepared and on the front foot is crucial. We can help you to anticipate risk as well as act in the moment.

Our crisis and reputation management support is expert, sensitive and discreet, and clients trust our guidance. Our media training builds confidence and gives clients the skills and techniques to tackle any media interview. Whether you’re an accomplished interviewee needing a refresher, or it’s your first time in front of the microphone, our sessions will help you get the best out of any opportunity. They work virtually too.

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